The problem: Moviegoers who have no time to get food at the theatre before the movie starts. Create more revenue for a local movie theatre.

The goal: Design an app for a local movie theatre that allows users to order ahead to their seat or pick up when they get there.

High Fidelity Prototype:

I conducted interviews and empathy maps to understand the needs of the users. A primary user was identified as busy parents who don’t have time to get to the movie theatre ahead of time to order food.

This user group confirmed the initial ideas of customers, but research also revealed that other customers also would like to order ahead or to their seat thus creating a better movie-going experience.

User research: pain points

Time: Busy users who are too busy to get to the movies early. People have to wait in line to order food at a theatre and miss movie trailers.

Correct Order: Getting the order wrong when they order.

Complete Order: Long process of ordering food and hard to find items you want.


User journey map

Digital wireframes

Movie Theatre Food Ordering App

The product: Movie Theatre Food app is a new app to help people order food ahead of going to the movies. We need to find out if the main user experience, picking up or ordering to seat, is easy for users to complete. We want to create a product that can help a small business improve sales and increase customer satisfaction.

Usability study: findings

I conducted two rounds of usability studies. Findings from the first study helped me improve my low-fidelity wireframes. The second usability study was with my high-fidelity prototype and revealed what aspects needed improvement.

Round 1 Findings:

  1. Difficult to get back to get to the shopping cart.
  2. Show delivery options through the whole process.

  3. Making the payment button more visible and different than the other buttons.

Round 2 Findings:

  1. Difficult to get back to the food menu when you are in the shopping cart.
  2. Photos of the food vs. icons of the food so people can see the food.

  3. Make the shopping cart icon more visible in the navbar next to the profile icon.

  4. Drop down the menu for the movie selection.