Why WordPress is the Best Platform for Your Website

Why Wordpress is the Best

As modern-day designers, there are plenty of tools at our disposal. We can sketch in a (paper) notebook or on an electronic tablet, code in HTML, CSS, PHP,  and design sites on myriad platforms that each offer their own bells and whistles.

After years of designing, tinkering, and serving our clients, however, we’ve come to one very clear conclusion: WordPress is the best platform for your website.

Here’s why:

  • Even you can update your site. WordPress blurs the line between laypersons and designers, meaning that after we’ve fully designed your site, you can be in total control of it. You can manage your updates, your blog posts, or your photo changes without our help, and as a result, save yourself some time and money. Of course, if you want an expert’s touch or just don’t have the time, we’re happy to step in and make the necessary tweaks to bring your site up to date. We provide tutorials on how to update your site once your live.
  • WordPress makes your security their priority. WordPress is the content management system, or CMS, for 35% of the internet’s top 10 million websites, so the company can’t mess around when it comes to security.   WordPress has a team of 50 security experts on alert for any issues and automatically pushes security updates to your site to thwart potential hackers before they strike. WordPress makes securing your site simple, straightforward, and most important of all, something you barely have to think about.
  • Top-notch SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, is key to putting your business at or near the top of search engine results. While many CMSs promise better SEO, WordPress consistently delivers with impressive plugins like Yoast, effective use of alt tags, and backlinks . Combined with SEO-smart copy, WordPress’s SEO plugins can help you rise above the noise online.
  • Mobile ResponsiveMobile responsiveness. Today, your potential customers are more likely to view your website on their phones or tablets than on a desktop computer, so your site’s mobile responsiveness–that is, your site’s ability to know whether it’s being viewed on desktop or mobile–can be key to turning that potential customer into a paying one. Though WordPress was first released back in 2003, the company has always updated its systems to keep pace with changing technologies, shrinking screen sizes, and lightning-fast modem speeds, and WordPress-built sites have the best mobile responsiveness we’ve seen.
  • Infinite plugins. As mentioned above, WordPress powers nearly 35% of the internet’s top 10 million sites, which means plenty of people have a vested interest in making WordPress, an open-source platform, as cool, interesting, and advanced as possible. The combination of plugins you use, which can include anything from capturing email addresses to feeding your supercool Instagram directly to your site (and so many things in between!), can make your site uniquely yours and give your users the experience you want them to have.

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